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the love hangover

February 15th, 2021

So...What exactly is happening with The Love Hangover this year?

This year's program is presented in three chapters.

Click into the icons above for access to the video programs and a running order with links to artists.

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Thank you for joining us.

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Well, as it appears that entertainers will not be at the top of the list for the vaccines, after twenty-one years in what they used to call the real world, for February 15th, 2021, The Love Hangover Presents:

A World in a Wire


The Love Hangover is broadcast right here on this website.  This year's program consists of three chapters.  These videos will be available at least until the end of February, because it is usually the worst month.  While we used to gather two by two, quarantines and social distancing will dictate many more solo performances than usual this time around.  And on the flip side [like Wilson], some will put the extra v in savvy by collaborating in the ether to show that continents and oceans are no match for love, no barrier to connexion.  In fact, even I must admit there are a few of these silver linings everyone seems to like so much.  With The Love Hangover unbound by geography and specific time, many players who couldn't participate in past shows are with us this year.  And for you, dear viewer, you no longer need to worry about showing up too late and realizing you've missed a favorite or shushing your neighbor so they don't talk over a song that is breaking your heart.  Just rewind it, bebeh, you control the speed and delivery.  So who are this year's Love Hangersover, beaming in from their homes, their hotels or their cars?  As always, it's a constellation of bright stars and local secrets:

Lloyd Cole, Linda Pitmon & Steve Wynn, Laura Cantrell & Mary Lee Kortes, Wesley Stace, Boo Hewerdine, Dave & Phi Derby, Loose Cattle [Michael Cerveris & Kimberly Kaye], Jessie Kilguss, Courtney Kaiser-Sandler,

David Nagler & Therese Cox, William Harries Graham & Jon Dee Graham, Betse & Clarke, Benjamin Cartel,

Flowers of America [Renée LoBue w/Ray Ketchem], Sam Brown & Milton, Joan Chew & Gary Burton, Franklin Bruno, Maddy Wood & Kayla Phillips, Verena Wiesendanger & Julian Maile, Sara Bell, Claudia Chopek & Anna Reinersman,
Dan Whitehouse & Gustaf Ljunggren, Caroline Mamoulides & Steve Howell, Zebulun Barnow, The Monologue Bombs, Scott Easterday, Kristin & Lucy Gray Hamilton, Susan Hwang & Marlon Cherry, The Gershwin Bros. w/Murderer's Row, Rembert Block & Lizzie Edwards, Reid Johnson, Christine Brebes, Katy Guillen & the Drive, David George,

Two Dark Birds, Gold Cove [Adrian cn Berry], Chelly Godwin & Chip Cannon, Peter James Millson, Jeffrey Dean Foster, Paul Cafcae & Emma Hewson, Charles Latham, Darien Brahms, Birds & Arrows, Erin McGrane & Jeff Freling, Jeff Slate, Silence on the Other End [Lysa Opfer, Nick D'Amore & Amy Nahhas], Charlie Nieland, Night Owl & St. Mary St. Michael,
Of Tree, Alex Alexander & Steven Tulipana, Mark Lowrey, Joanna Choy & John Brodeur, Kim & Cece Oler, Tom Sowders,
Kendall Meade & Marc de Montebello, Scott & Lauren of The Mad Kings, The Duchess & The Fox w/Robert Granata

and your hosts Gary Burton & Richard Alwyn

And this show is our gift to you and your watching is your gift to us.  That's right, it's free, and you can watch it whenever you want, stop it and turn it back on at your leisure.  Yes, now that you mention it, those linings sort of are silver aren't they?  We will have a button on the site to donate to Sounds of Saving, in fact, it's there now.  Please show your appreciation by following the link and giving what you can.

And so until the 15th when we sort of see each other through the magic of the internet, but really, 
Until we're right in front of you, hearing the music through only air,
we remain...
yours love, yours if anyone's,

The Love Hangover


Lovelorn, Lovesworn, Love Torn

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the love hangover

The Love Hangover, an international music tradition for 22 years.

Find a sympathetic soul during this evening of duets about love.
The Love Hangover, now in its twenty-second year (and its tenth city and second country), is an annual event held on February 15th. On this day-after evening, the world-weary and the true believers alike huddle in pairs, playing songs to heal broken hearts and break whole ones.
Local luminaries of the music scene come two by two and each duo performs love songs to hold forth on love in all of its many guises: the joy, the pain, the humor, the frustration, the ecstatic trials and dented triumphs.

By the Numbers
22 years
10 cities
75 shows
600+ performers

The Concept
The Love Hangover is an annual multi-city, multi-artist musical event that explores romantic love in all its many guises. Held each year on February 15th, this post-Valentine's showcase features a line-up of duets singing songs of the lovelorn, love sworn and love torn.

The Love Hangover was first staged in Raleigh, NC in 2000, and in 2005 expanded to New York City. In 2008, the showcase moved west to include Kansas City, MO. Ann Arbor, MI followed in 2009, and 2010 marked The Love Hangover's debut in Chicago, IL. In 2015 The Love Hangover became an international event with its first show in Toronto, Canada. Providence, RI became the seventh city to host a Love Hangover in 2017.  In 2019, The Love Hangover turned 20 and added two new cities: Philadelphia and Detroit.  Cincinnati pushed to double digits in 2020 as the tenth Love Hangover city.


Benefit for Sounds of Savings
Starting in 2019 with the 20th Anniversary shows, many chapters of The Love Hangover have become benefits for Sounds of Saving, a nonprofit which seeks to use the connective and inspirational powers of music to alleviate depression, prevent suicide and reduce the stigma around these struggles.



Past performers include Mark Eitzel, Tift Merritt, Freedy Johnston, Bridget St John, Teddy Thompson, Caitlin Cary, Doug Gillard, Michael Cerveris, Anders Parker, Jolie Holland, Deerfrance, Rick Moody, Tracy Bonham, David Nagler, Edward Rogers, Chip Robinson, Don Piper and members of Luna, Guided by Voices, American Music Club, The Magnetic Fields, Whiskeytown, Okkervil River, Versus, Tsunami, Clem Snide, 11th Dream Day, Gramercy Arms, Cat Power, Nada Surf, Loser's Lounge, Dish, Freakwater, Poi Dog Pondering, Mascott, Megafaun, The dBs, Elk City, Portastatic, KaiserCartel, Nøthing Painted Blue, The Connells, The Blue Man Group-Chicago, Cobra Verde, The Winter Drinks, Murderer's Row and Shark Quest.


Past venues and performances: 

2019 [20th Anniversary]




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footage from previous love hangovers 

video courtesy Hey ok! pictures 2017

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